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Re: Error recovery

Hi Dan and SableCC users,

Mariusz Nowostawski wrote:
> please do fetch the latest CVS source tree, build the sablecc.jar and try
> it out with your stuff which does use the error recovery features.

So, is it working for you?  If any of you has a comment, please send it
on the mailing-list.

> Aha, and tell Etienne one more time all the copyright details so he will
> acknowledge it appropriately, right Etienne?  ;o)

Dan:  (1) Thanks a lot! (2) Who should I put as "Copyright holder" on
your code?  You or Juniper Networks?  I can also add the "non
copyright-holder" to the THANKS file. :-)

BTW, thanks to Mariusz for his hard work!

Etienne M. Gagnon, M.Sc.                     e-mail: egagnon@j-meg.com
Author of SableCC:                             http://www.sablecc.org/
and SableVM:                                   http://www.sablevm.org/