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sablecc generating grammars for other languages

I'm pondering here an idea on how simple would it be to make
SableCC generate grammars for other languages. And foremost i'm having
C++ in mind. C++ is rather close to Java so it shouldn't be very

I'm not thinking yet on how the structure or object model of generated
parser should be but more how easy would it be generating it. As far as
I've looked
into sablecc the code generation is hardcoded into the Gen* files.

There is a class named ResolveIds that contains a lot of information
about the
structure of parser. But it does not have everything in it to generate a

So it either needs improvement or a completely new data model for parser
has to be created. A data model that could be used by generators for
generating parsers. Which to prefer?

What I have in mind is something like:

    interface ParserGenerator {
        void generate (ResolveIds parserData);

Anyways I'm not afraid to spend a weekend or two for making it happen.
If you
think my efforts are not pointless and give me your blessing :)


PS: I found the following oddity from the SableCC jdk2 distribution at
       generated lexer code:

    private String getText(int acceptLength)
        StringBuffer s = new StringBuffer(acceptLength);
        for(int i = 0; i < acceptLength; i++)

        return s.toString();

Here text is a StringBuffer. Wouldn't this be cleaner:

    private String getText(int acceptLength)
       return text.substring (0, acceptLength);

This function is heavily used I think; so the new approach would benefit

the performance.