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Order of command line args


There was an error with processing command line arguments in the previous
version of Executable.java (the mechanizm was using by mistake HashSet
which was not preserving the order). This was lately noticed and
reported by Matthew L Daniel (mdaniel). Thanks for that.
This problem however has been already fixed (just after 2.17.2 release
I guess) and the CVS version is correct (Executable.java is using List to
make sure the order is correct).
We could release this as 2.17.3, which also would give ppl possibility to
play with the experimental error recovery stuff which is in CVS as well.
What do you think? If agreed I can put together current CVS as 2.17.3

As to Matthew comments ;o)  the only thing I have for my excuse is that
the JDK implementation I was using preserved the order in HashSet, and I
have not noticed this before. After I switched to a different JDK I
have noticed the problem and then I have corrected the implementation.
As for the "overly complex" bit, I think the way it is handled now is
pretty extensible and flexible and easy to maintain: to add new command
line parameters and options. If you know a better/nicer way of handling
command line arguments without loosing maintanability/flexibility, please
share it. The way it is handled now is also very much object-oriented ;o)

best regards