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Re: Order of command line args

> > If you know a better/nicer way of handling
> > command line arguments without loosing maintanability/flexibility, please
> > share it. The way it is handled now is also very much object-oriented ;o)
> Eventually, we might want to switch to the Java getopt library for
> handling 
> option/argument parsing following the GNU standard.

    I think that would be cool, provided getopt has a license that allows it
to be SHIPPED with SableCC. The worst thing I hate is playing "chase the
library dependencies" when trying to play with a new toy. :-)

    While I have my little soapbox for a second, I would also like to propose
that SableCC have a switch that disables those dots while running. I have a
patch against the source that I use, but I would not want my name attached to
it, as it is not "very much object-oriented." Anything involving static fields
is pretty much as far from OOP as you can get. ;-)

  My USD$0.02,
  -- /v\atthew
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