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Re: Bug in SableCC 2.17.2?

Hi Xuan Baldauf,

I think the problem is caused by mixing set and non-set helpers inside
set-based operation.

  char            = [0..127];
  separators      = ';' | ',' ;
  tokenchar       = [char-separators];

As you can notice, seperators is not a set but a list of alternatives. If
you make it a set, like:

  separators      = [';' + ','] ;

all will work correctly.

(Btw, it will throw another exception, due to lack of any tokens
definitions, I believe. It would be nicer to simply tell that there is no
tokens for constructing DFA, so I will fix it today,  before 2.17.3.
Anything else?)

PS. what does the "mn" stand in your example Package declaration?
Just curious.

best regards

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Xuan Baldauf wrote:

> Hello,
> please try out the attached grammar file. SableCC fails with
> a runtime exception covering due to a class cast exception.
> Xuân.