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Re: Wishlist


On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Xuan Baldauf wrote:
> Here are some wishes:
> - Nice error messages (no ClassCastExceptions and the like
> please for cases the SableCC does not wish to handle
> explicitly) (Like unnecessary parenthesizing, which is
> allowed by the grammar).

Agreed. It is pretty tricky though to notice those "unexpected"
errors and raw exceptions in advance ;o)  Check out 2.17.3, it is
better for those error messages you have had before.

> - When rethrowing exceptions, using something like
> "NestedRuntimeException" (which contains the original
> exception) would be nice, because else there is no precise
> number of the line where the original exception occured
> available.

Agreed. Not everywhere in 2.17.3 it is implemented, but it has already
started to get into SableCC. If you use -Dsablecc.debug (in theory), all
internal exceptions will be printed before rethrowing the
RuntimeException, and the final exception stack trace will be printed as
well. Without that flag only a single line error message is printed.
Btw, on my JVM with the optimized code I am not getting line numbers ;o(
I have to use not-optimized code.