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Re: h e l p on grammars


> I have this basic questions: How does SableCC handle shift/reduce
> conflicts?

It simply "delegates" the resolution to the human user ;o)

> Is there a way to tell SableCC always to reduce on these cases?

No (AFAIK).  You have to fix problems and resolve conflicts yourself in
the grammar.

> I hope there is a document explaining the SableCC grammar specification
> and other features in details. Etienne's thesis is great, but is it
> outdated after so many revisions of the software itself?

I do not think the thesis is so outdated, but I agree that it would be
great to "evolve" it together with the software.

Suggestion: if the sablecc project is really becoming a "community"
effort, what about setting up a documentation directory on CVS, which
would contain the detailed  up-to-date documentation for SableCC?
The thesis itself would be a great starting point, what do you think
Etienne?  What others think?
There are two possible systems to use (as far as I can see it):
* LaTeX (from which PDF, HTML, Postscript could be generated), and
* Docstyle (XML-based system), from which TeX, PDF, HTML could be
Most of the time I am using the LaTeX system, and I am more confident with
it, but I am flexible and possibly the main documentation maintainer
(Etienne? ;o) has to decide what we should be using.

This "subproject" could include compiled FAQ and Wishlists sources, so the
generated documentation could contain it all.   What do you think? What
are the "legal" issues with that, Etienne? I mean, if we would like to use
your thesis as a starting point we would need to make it LGPLed, I guess?
Or the GNU licenses differ for documentation and for software?

best regards