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Re: java jartool

Hi Etienne,

> Is this versioning similar to library versioning under Linux?
> E.g. try:
> $ info "(libtool) Libtool versioning"

From what I have read no, I believe it is not as powerful. I do not
quite really understand this "interfaces based" model, I have to admit.

In my tool, as I have designed it at the current iteration, I am following
the Java versioning specs. Each module (jar), is identified by the module
name (a string), the specification number (which MUST be backward
compatibile which renders its use useless) and a identity-based version
number (of the implementation).  To specify a dependency you need to
provide a library name and the pattern which matches the library
implementation version number (using regular expression matching).

In other words, the model simply reuses the already present (limited)
versioning support in JDK, and extend it by dependecies and dependency
tracking and resolving and hot jar download and upgrade (because there is
also added a url from where the newer versions of a given library can be
downloaded when needed.)

I am open for suggestions, and redesign, but it would be good (I believe)
to keep it all as close to the Java versioning specs as possible, as I
believe  Javasoft will make things right at some stage with respect to
versioning ;o)

best regards