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Re: trouble building grammars

Hi Steve,

Fetch the newer SableCC 2.17.*
Grammars are to be used with the newer versions of SableCC (i.e. 2.17.* 
and upcoming 2.18.*  ;o)

What is going on?
SableCC 2.17.* introduced a new processing model, in which some of the 
tools (helper classes, GUI tree visualization, Text-based tree 
visualization, etc.) are generated automatically by sablecc parser 
generation process.  Thus -withtools option.  SableCC 2.16 does not have 
that. Grammars building scripts rely on this new feature 
(read README file)

Good luck

> I'm trying to build the set of Sablecc-Grammars on cygwin (Windows 2000).
> I have ant 1.4.1 and sablecc 2.16.2.
> When I try to build the grammars by running "ant" in the grammars 
> directory, I get:
> Buildfile: build.xml
> all:
> check_for_optional_packages:
> prepare:
>    [mkdir] Created dir: 
> C:\home\Kelem\src\java\Sablecc-Grammars\build\java-1.1
> parsers:
> C:\home\Kelem\src\java\Sablecc-Grammars\Java-1.1-1.0\build.xml:44: The 
> <sablecc>  task doesn't support the "withtools" attribute.
> Total time: 1 second
> Does anyone know what's going wrong here?
> Thanks,
> Steve Kelem