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FW: compiling SableCc natively

>>>>> Are you sure it should be:
>>>>> Parser.class.getName() + ".parser.dat" ?  It will produce something
>>>>> Lmy.org.Parser.dat
>>>>> I think it should be: Parser.class.getPackage().getName() +
>>>>> ".parser.dat", which will produce something like this:
>>>>> my.org.Parser.dat
>>>> (**)

True, that's in fact what I wanted to do, but it didn't work right away. I'm
happy that you corrected it.

Again, are you sure it should be:
final URL url = new URL("core:/" +  ResourceReader.class.getName() + "."
+ pResourceName);

and not:

final URL url = new URL("core:/" +
ResourceReader.class.getPackage().getName() + "." + pResourceName);

You're right. ResourceReader.class.getPackage().getName() is better.

There are indeed a few extraneous symbols in the build file, because of

<exec executable="gcj">
		<arg line="--resource datamodelartist.compiler.lexer.Lexer.lexer.dat -o
res/lexer.o -c src/datamodelartist/compiler/lexer/lexer.dat"/>

should indeed by simplified to:

<exec executable="gcj">
		<arg line="--resource datamodelartist.compiler.lexer.lexer.dat -o
res/lexer.o -c src/datamodelartist/compiler/lexer/lexer.dat"/>