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SableCC 3.x wishlist

Hi all.

Kevin [Komivi Agbakpem <kevin@larc.info.uqam.ca>] sent me a few days ago a copy of his fully-tested CST->AST grammar-specified transformations to check into CVS. I didn't have time this week to make the code public.

In a few hours I'm leaving for a conference in Europe for a week. If you really want to get this code ASAP, you can send a message to Kevin.

Also, I found quite interesting the suggestions in the last messages. I have an M.Sc. student who just started working on the "scriptable" SableCC back-end. I will look if these ideas could be added to his project, or if I keep them for another separate project.

I think that SableCC 3.x's main feature will be the CST->AST thigny. The additional ideas will be added to 4.x. Hopefully, SableCC 3.x should be only a few weeks away. :-))

Thanks a lot for all you insightful contributions to the progress & design of SableCC.

Have fun!


Etienne M. Gagnon, Ph.D.             http://www.info.uqam.ca/~egagnon/
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