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Re: sablecc 3.0 grammar

On Tue, 2003-05-06 at 14:36, Indrek Mandre wrote:
> What is the timeline of SableCC 3 anyway? When does it become available?

Hello everybody,
regarding the SableCC3 wishlist, I would find very useful the
possibility to define a token of this kind:

{ -> mystate } mytoken = xxx ;

i.e. the possibility to tell sable that each time the the "mytoken"
token is found, the current state is reset to "mystate", indipendently
of the state in that moment.

That would be very useful when there are a lot of states, in that case
infact I have to write:

{ state1 -> mystate, state2 -> mystate, ..... }

Thanks for the attention,
Alessandro Polverini