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Re: out of memory

Etienne Gagnon said:
> try : java -mx1024m -jar sablecc.jar ...

Dear Etienne,

even with this option the grammar won't work. After 3,5 hours (!) sablecc
stopped with the message: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.
The same (more or less of course) grammar for JavaCC takes under five minutes
to come up with the compiler.
This is a very serious difference.
I would therefore suggest that focus your attention on this 'problem'. Making
a good framework is one thing (in which you succeeded IMHO), but performance
is also a very important issue.
For now, I will have to use JavaCC as i cannot afford to wait 3,5 hours.

Pietere van der Spek

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Pieter van der Spek
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