Class RegularValueStrategy

Direct Known Subclasses:
CacheStrategy, ConstantStrategy, DeltaIntStrategy, IdentifierStrategy, StrideIntStrategy, WindowIntStrategy

public abstract class RegularValueStrategy
extends Strategy

Assume that values appear in some regular pattern. Irregularities are signalled with an IrregularValueEvent.

Field Summary
protected  boolean _nextIsRegular
          Is the next value to be decoded "regular"?
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Constructor Summary
protected RegularValueStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder, String strategyName)
Method Summary
protected  void setNextIsRegular(boolean nextIsRegular)
          Mark the next input value a regular or irregular.
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Field Detail


protected boolean _nextIsRegular
Is the next value to be decoded "regular"?

Constructor Detail


protected RegularValueStrategy(Encoder baseEncoder,
                               String strategyName)
Method Detail


protected void setNextIsRegular(boolean nextIsRegular)
Mark the next input value a regular or irregular.