Uses of Class

Packages that use Type
step Defines the basic STEP data types. 
step.encoding Provides the default STEP encoding strategies and meta-data records. 
step.typedef Provides the abstractions that define the run-time versions of STEP types. 

Uses of Type in step

Fields in step declared as Type
static Type StepString.TYPE
          The STEP type for string objects.
static Type StepRecord.TYPE
static Type StepObject.TYPE
          The unniversal type.
static Type StepInt.TYPE
          The STEP type for int objects.
static Type StepData.TYPE
          The STEP type for data objects.

Uses of Type in step.encoding

Methods in step.encoding with parameters of type Type
 Encoder EncoderFactory.newEncoder(String name, Type valueType)
          Create a new encoder using the default definition for the given type.
 Encoder EncoderFactory.newEncoder(String name, Type valueType, List attributes)
          Create a new encoder using the default definition for the given type.

Uses of Type in step.typedef

Methods in step.typedef that return Type
 Type ArtificialFieldDef.getType()
 Type LocalFieldDef.getType()
 Type InheritedFieldDef.getType()
abstract  Type FieldDef.getType()
          Get the type of the field.
 Type DerivedRecordDef.getParent()
          Get the parent type for this definition.
 Type TypeDef.getType()
          Get the type that this definition is associated with.
 Type RecordDef.Builder.getParent()
          Get the parent for the current definition.
static Type Type.v(String name)
          Get the unique type with the given name.
static Type Type.v(StepObject o)
          Get the type for the given object.
static Type Type.v(String name, Package pkg)
          Get the unique type with the given name in the given package.
 Type Type.getParent()
          Get the parent of this type, if it is inherited.
 Type Type.toArrayType()
          Get the array type with this type as its base.
 Type Type.toBaseType()
          If this is an array type, get the base type.

Methods in step.typedef with parameters of type Type
protected  void ArtificialFieldDef.setType(Type type)
protected  void LocalFieldDef.setType(Type type)
protected  void InheritedFieldDef.setType(Type type)
          Illegal operation.
protected abstract  void FieldDef.setType(Type type)
          Set the type of the field.
 FieldDef.Builder FieldDef.Builder.newFieldDef(String name, Type type)
          Start building a new field definition with the given name and type.
protected  void DerivedRecordDef.setParent(Type parent)
static boolean TypeDef.isDefined(Type type)
          Does the given type have a default definition set?
static TypeDef TypeDef.getDefault(Type type)
          Get the default (prototype) definition for the given type.
static RecordDef RecordDef.load(Type recordType)
          Attempt to load the definition for the given record name.
 RecordDef.Builder RecordDef.Builder.setParent(Type parent)
          Make the definition inherit from another.
 RecordDef.Builder RecordDef.Builder.setParent(Type parent, boolean cleanInherit)
          Make the definition inherit from another.
 void Type.setParent(Type parent)
          Set the parent for an inherited type.
 boolean Type.isParent(Type child)

Constructors in step.typedef with parameters of type Type
ArtificialFieldDef(String name, Type type, String description, List attributes, TypeDef altTypeDef)
          Create a new field definition.
LocalFieldDef(String name, Type type)
          Create a new field definition.
DerivedRecordDef(String name, Package pkg, Type parent, boolean cleanInherit)
          Create a new derived record type definition.