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January 15, 2003

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Dynamic Metrics

Visit the *J page for information about my dynamic analysis toolkit for Java, which I developped in order to compute dynamic software metrics.

Python Programs

These are Python programs that I wrote (sometimes in collaboration with Wen-Hsin Chang) to demonstrate various aspects of GUI programming under Tkinter

ex1.pyA very basic, Hello-World  html
ex2.pyA very basic, Hello-World application, using  html
ex3.pyA very basic, Hello-World application, using a  html
ex4.pyA basic example showing how to create various widgets and respond to user  html
calc.pyA simple floating point calculator used to demontrate various Tkinter-related topics. It has a nice interface (actually based on an actual Canon calculator I own), and responds to various user  html
calctest.pyA small example using demonstrating how to do Unit Testing with Tkinter  html
ScrollList.pyA small application showing how to use a Listbox widget with two Scrollbars in a real  html
TkVarDemo.pyA small demo application which demonstrates how to use Tk variables, as well as validate values when using such  html
place_example.pyA small demo using the Place geometry managerpy  html
grid_example.pyA small demo using the Grid geometry managerpy  html
pack_example.pyA small demo using the Pack geometry managerpy  html
tkdemos_unix.tar.gzA collection of examples I used in my Tkinter presentation in September 2001.tar.gz
tkdemos_win.zipMS_Windows version of tkdemos, a collection of examples I used in my Tkinter presentation in September 2001.tar.gz
In the tkdemos collection:
An example showing how to draw and manipulate canvas lines. Shows how to drag canvas  html
A demontration of event binding capabilities in Tkinter. Requires scrolledtex.pypy  html
A dynamic demontration utility for the Pack geometry  html
A dynamic demontration utility for the Grid geometry manager. Requires toolbar.pypy  html
A static demontration utility for the Place geometry  html
A static demontration utility for the Place geometry  html
A very thorough example demonstrating the numerous capabilities of the Tkinter Canvas  html


My version of the ASCII Table is available online.


These are makefiles that I have designed for some special purposes and that I use every now and then.

  • LaTeX: designed for use with a single LaTeX project. Easy to configure, it includes targets to easily produce DVI, PS and PDF files from a TeX source file.

Bruno Dufour -- January 2003