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January 15, 2003

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Research Projects

  1. Dynamic Metrics for Java Applications

    My main area of research currently involves finding new dynamic metrics for Java applications, and will constitute the subject my my M.Sc thesis. More information about dynamic metrics is available from the dynamic metrics page at Sable.

    As part of this research, I have released a toolkit, *J (formerly known as AdaptJ or DynaMetricO), which allows to collect and analyze event traces from Java program.

  2. Ashes Benchmark Suite

    I also work on maintaining Sable's benchmarking suite, Ashes, and on designing the next version of Ashes, Ashes 2.

    Addons for Ashes

  3. Concurrency

    I am an active member of the new Concurrency group at Sable. More details about our goals and activity will become available shortly.

Bruno Dufour -- January 2003