COMP 409: Concurrent Programming
Winter 2017, McGill University

Course Information
Time & Place Class Schedule
Wednesday, Friday 11:35–12:55
ENGTR 1090
Instructor Website Email
Clark Verbrugge
McConnell Engineering Building 230
Office hours: Monday, 13:00-14:30, Friday 10:00-11:30, and by appointment
Teaching Assistants
Hanfeng Chen
Shruti Bhanderi
COMP 251 (Algorithms and Data Structures)
COMP 302 (Programming Languages and Paradigms)
COMP 310 (Computer Systems and Organization) (or ECSE 427)
Note that there is a non-trivial programming requirement and students should have strong programming skills.
The following required text will be used as a primary reference source for this course.
  • Maurice Herlihy and Nir Shavit. The Art of Multiprocessor Programming. Revised First Edition (2012). It is available in the bookstore, and as a DRM'd e-book through the McGill Library.