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About Me


I am a full-time Software Developer in Compiler Back-End Development and Performance at the IBM Toronto Lab.

I have been granted a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science at McGill University in February 2005. My research consisted of developing a retargetable just-in-time compiler (JIT) for SableVM, a Java virtual machine (JVM) developed at McGill.

Prior to my master degree, I have completed a B. Sc. - Honours in Computer Science with Minor Concentration in Hispanic Languages, also at McGill University.

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Je détiens un emploi comme développeur logiciel au Lab de Toronto d'IBM dans le développement de compilateurs.

J'ai obtenu ma maîtrise en informatique à l'Université McGill en février 2005. Ma recherche consistait à developper un compilateur juste-à-temps pour SableVM, une machine virtuelle Java développée à McGill.

Je détient également un B. Sc. - Spécialisation en informatique avec une concentration mineure en langues hispaniques à l'Université McGill.

Developer Information username: davidbelanger

Gentoo Forums username: iTux

Current Projects

Computing Platforms

I currently have 2 computers both running Gentoo Linux with 256MB of RAM and 40GB of disk space.

My first computer is a AMD Athlon 1200MHz.

My second computer is an iBook G3 700MHz.

In addition to Gentoo, I also have a FreeBSD and a Mac OS X installation that I used from time to time as test platforms.

I have a distributed cross-compilation environment setup on my AMD to generate Linux/PowerPC and MacOSX/PowerPC code.

Both the AMD and PowerPC ran under Debian GNU/Linux for some time.

Other Projects

I am not actively working on these project but I am interested in them. I did minor contribution to some of them.
  • Older Interests:
    • The Fink Project: The goal of this project is to port all (eventually) Unix software to Mac OS X. So far they managed to port over 2000 packages.
    • Mac-on-Linux: Known as mol, this software allows Mac OS to run inside GNU/Linux. Note to PC users, it is not an emulator, it will run only PPC hardware.
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My research consisted of designing and implementing SableJIT. SableJIT is a retargetable (easy to port) just-in-time (JIT) compiler for SableVM.


The title of my thesis is: SableJIT: a retargetable just-in-time compiler.

Thesis: pdf | ps


I am the main author of a paper co-authored with Prof. Hendren (McGill) and Etienne Gagnon (UQAM) that has been submitted to Vee'05.

Presentation 1 - SableJIT Overview

I presented an overview on the design of SableJIT at the Sable Research Group Meeting on April 25, 2003. The slides are available.

Slides: pdf | ps.gz

Note: The pdf file may not display well in some pdf viewer (due to the use of the prosper package). It is okay with Acrobat Reader and xpdf.

Note: ¿ps, gz, pdf? Information on file format here.

Presentation 2 - SableJIT Update

I presented an update on SableJIT at the Sable Research Group Meeting on January 28, 2004. The slides are available.

Slides: pdf | pdf.gz

Presentation 3 - SableJIT Update and Conclusions

Final presentation on SableJIT. Slides will be made available shortly.

Projects Pages

This section contains course-related projects.

Graduate Studies

Links will be added later.

Undergraduate Studies


I was the course lecturer for 308-273C -- Introduction to Computer Systems for the summer 2002 term. The course web page has not been reviewed since the migration of my web pages to the server and is currently not available.

I have also done the following teaching assistantship:

I am currently not doing any teaching assistantship as I am concentrating all my efforts on the completion of my M. Sc.

Mes Pages Web - My Web Pages

Une liste de pages web que j'ai écrit sur plusieurs sujets non reliés à mes cours. Les pages web de mes projets se trouvent dans une autre section. La mise à jour de certaines de ces pages remontent à plusieurs années mais l'information peut-être encore utile.

This is a list of web pages I have written. Some of these have been archives and are no longer updated. Note that this list excludes school project web pages.

About These Pages

Except for very old pages, all have been written with emacs or vi on a *nix system (mostly GNU/Linux and FreeBSD).

These pages should be viewable in any browser.

File Formats

These web pages use the following file formats.

Contact Info

You may contact me at dbelan2 (-at-)

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