A Java Module for Computing and Drawing Gene Duplication-Loss Events

A screen capture of DupLoss

About DupLoss

This software was done as a one-term technical project (course number 308-400) at McGill University.

Given a species tree and a gene tree as input, DupLoss will map the gene tree to the species tree. The resulting trees is drawn, showing gene duplication-loss events.


The software (including source code and example) may be downloaded here.

DupLoss Applet: You can also run DupLoss as an applet.

Report: Download the Technical Report (includes a user guide) as a gzipped postscript file.

HTML Documentation: Documentation generated by javadoc of all public and protected identifiers.

Source code.

Copyright 2001, David Bélanger
email: dbelan2(à)po-box.mcgill.ca