Dehua Zhang

Sable Research Group, School of Computer Science (SOCS), McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Email: dehua.zhang at
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Teaching Assistant

Winter 2008: COMP 621: Optimizing Compilers
Fall 2007: COMP 202: Introduction to Computing 1
Winter 2007: COMP 202: Introduction to Computing 1

Research Description

Aspect Impact Analysis (Under supervision of Laurie J. Hendren)
AspectJ is a convenient Aspect-Oriented programming (AOP) extension of Java, which addresses cross-cutting concerns but breaks encapsulation. In this project, we analyze and visualize impacts caused by aspects. Impacts are classified by a new classification system, analyzed using static analyses, and visualized with an Eclipse plug-in. Thus, hidden effect of aspects can be understood and analyzed by programmers easily.



Dehua zhang. "Deploying Contract Definitions for the Verification of Requirements". Concordia Poster Session 2006, April 2006. [slides]


FreeBSD, MySQL, PHP, Ubuntu
Intel Core 2 duo E6300, 1.86G 1066MH/Intel DG965RY/OCZ DDR2 667 1G/SEAGATE 320G STATII 16M/WD 160G IDE 8M/LG GSA-H10N/SUMSUNG SyncMaster913v
Dell Axim X51v 624 MHz
Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Digital Speaker System
Bloomberg L.P.
C++, C, Javascript, Fortran
Dell Latitude XT
Two widgets written by javascript, a combo box drop down list and a text field drop down list.
AJAX framework
Create a PDF/A from LaTeX