Tutorial 1 - COMP 202 Fall 2007

* Creating your account on the SOCS network

Create account: login in as newuser/newuser and follow the instructions on the screen.
Reset password: bring your McGill ID, go to the help desk(located at Trottier 3rd floor, open area 1), and ask the lab assisstant to have it reset.
Change password:
a. Application -> System -> Terminal
b. ssh mimi
c. [input your existing password and enter. When typing, nothing will display on your screen.]
d. passwd yourusername
e. [input your existing password and enter]
f. [input your new password (the screen displayes 'current password') and enter.
WARNING: A valid password should be a mix of upper and lower case letters, digits and other characters (such as !@#$%^&*()_+, etc). You can use an 8 character long password with characters from at least 3 of these 4 classes. Characters that form a common pattern are discarded by the check.

* Login / logout

Input username and password to login, to logout click System-> Log out...

* Basic tasks and applications in the Gnome graphical environment (the environment installed by default on the computers in the SOCS lab): managing your files and directories, launching the Web browser

Web browsers: Application -> Internet -> firefox | opera | mozilla
IM tools: Application -> Internet -> aMsn | Kopete | Gaim Internet Messenger
Console: Application -> System -> Konsole | Terminal or Application -> Accessories -> Terminal
Manage files: Places ->
Burn a CD/DVD: Places -> CD/DVD Creator, drag and drop your files here and click write.

* Basic Unix commands: creating, deleting, moving, copying, and renaming files and directories, listing the contents of a directory

Unix distinguishes upper-case and lower-case.
Directory is called folder in windows.

create dir: mkdir dirname
delete an empty dir: rmdir dirname
delete a non-empty dir: rm -rf dirname (r recursive, f force, Warning: everything under this dir is deleted including subdirs)
move a dir: mv dirname dstdir
copy a dir: cp -r dirname newname
rename dir: mv dirname newname
list dir: ls dirname (-l detail information)
list current dir: ls (-l detail information)

delete file: rm filename
moving file: mv filename [dstdir | dstdir/newname]
rename file: mv filename newname

WARNING: Files deleted by commands will not go through trash, so be careful!

You can accomplish the above tasks through graphic interface; however, if you wish to remote login to lab machine, you may need these commands.

To remote login to our lab machine,
under UNIX/Linux/Ubuntu: open a terminal, ssh yourusername@machinename.cs.mcgill.ca
under Windows: install tools like Secure Shell Clien or Cygwin-X, then ssh.

* Basic DrJava: Entering, compiling, and running your programs

In console, input drjava and enter.
A new file has been opened by default, input your program, save, compile, run.