Class DynamicNodePool

  extended bySableJBDD.bdd.internal.BddNodePool
      extended bySableJBDD.bdd.internal.ReclaimableNodePool
          extended bySableJBDD.bdd.internal.DynamicNodePool
All Implemented Interfaces:
BddNodeFactory, Profiling

public class DynamicNodePool
extends ReclaimableNodePool

A dynamic, reclaimable node pool create a phantom reference for a newly created node, enqueue the reference, and release the first phantom reference. Unlike ExpandibleNodePool which never releases phantome references, which may grow out of control, DynamicNodePool releases the oldest reference for GC. DynamicNodePool recycles more recently created nodes dynamically.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
DynamicNodePool(int size)
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getFreshNode, reportStatistics
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Constructor Detail


public DynamicNodePool(int size)