Class FixedSizeNodePool

  extended bySableJBDD.bdd.internal.BddNodePool
      extended bySableJBDD.bdd.internal.ReclaimableNodePool
          extended bySableJBDD.bdd.internal.FixedSizeNodePool
All Implemented Interfaces:
BddNodeFactory, Profiling

public class FixedSizeNodePool
extends ReclaimableNodePool

A fixed size reclaimable node pool doesn't build phatom references for newly created nodes (vs pre-allocated nodes). It recycles only pre-allocated nodes.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
FixedSizeNodePool(int size)
          Defines a pool with an initial number of pre-allocated nodes.
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getFreshNode, reportStatistics
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Constructor Detail


public FixedSizeNodePool(int size)
Defines a pool with an initial number of pre-allocated nodes.