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Uses of BddNodeFactory in SableJBDD.bdd.internal

Classes in SableJBDD.bdd.internal that implement BddNodeFactory
 class BddNodePool
          A BDD node pool pre-allocates and recycles bdd nodes.
 class DummyNodePool
          A dummy node pool doesn't nothing.
 class DynamicNodePool
          A dynamic, reclaimable node pool create a phantom reference for a newly created node, enqueue the reference, and release the first phantom reference.
 class ExpandibleNodePool
          An expandible and reclaimable node pool dynamically expands phantom node queue for recycling all newly created nodes(vs pre-allocated nodes).
 class FixedSizeNodePool
          A fixed size reclaimable node pool doesn't build phatom references for newly created nodes (vs pre-allocated nodes).
 class NonReclaimableNodePool
          A non-reclaimable node pool does nothing with newly created nodes, and doesn't recycle nodes too.
 class ReclaimableNodePool
          A reclaimable node pool creates a phantom reference for each newly created node.

Constructors in SableJBDD.bdd.internal with parameters of type BddNodeFactory
WeakUniqueTable(int size, BddNodeFactory factory)
SoftUniqueTable(int size, BddNodeFactory factory)
          Defines a unique table with a specific number of entries and a JBddNode pool.