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I am interested in programming languages, program analyses, run-time systems, software verification, etc.
Currently I am working on online interprocedural analyses in JikesRVM.
A Java Binary Decision Diagram, SableJBDD .
My research is supported by NSERC

Projects I have been working on:

Ph.D Thesis

   Runtime Techniques and Interprocedural Analysis in Java Virtual Machines

Master's Thesis

    Array Bounds Check Elimination for Java     A short version is presented in CC2002.



Conference presentations


- NSERC PGS B 2002 - 2004
- McGill IT Fellowship 2001
- ACM Student Travel Grant ISMM2002
- ACM Student Travel Grant CGO2003
- ACM Student Travel Grant PLDI2003
- USENIX Student Travel Grant VM2004

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