The source code, version, SableCC/Java

A version of the JOOS compiler that uses SableCC 2 and Java was created in time for the Fall 2000 version of this course. It was written as a 308-400 (now COMP-400) course project by Othman Alaoui. This compiler was later updated in time for the Fall 2004 course to use SableCC 3.

You may be able to learn from these two versions of the JJOOS compiler and to use some of the ideas for your own WIG compiler. The complete compilers are available here:

and also available in the public_html/joos/jjoos-scc-* directories of the class SVN repository.

You can also read Othman's final report to understand some of his design decisions. For those of you using SableCC 2, you can read how he uses "hidden productions" to clean up the CST a bit and to make subsequent passes a bit easier.

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