Jennifer Lhoták

I'm a research assistant and MSc student in the Sable Lab at McGill University in Montréal, Québec.

I'm originally from a very small village in south-western Ontario called Grand Valley. I completed my BMath in Computer Science Co-op at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario in 2001.
I'm currently writing an extension to Polyglot to handle the new Java 1.5 features. And I will be integrating this into Soot to support accepting Java 1.5 style source code as input.

My research involves tools for visualizing research compilers. In particular The Soot - Eclipse Plugin which includes tools for visualizing the results of data-flow analyses, and visualizing data-flow analysis in progress.

Directions for obtaining the current released version of the Soot - Eclipse Plugin can be found here.

My other project is JavaToJimple a Java source to Jimple IR code-generation project, which provides, when used with the Soot Framework, a complete compiler from Java source to bytecode.

I also help out with abc, an extensible compiler for AspectJ.
For my master's degree I took the following courses:
During my course work I completed some projects and presentations: I also implemented OO and AO versions of a WIG compiler. If you are interested in them please e-mail me. I cannot provide them here because the project is used repeatedly for the COMP520 course.