This is an about page that explains how I, a 20-something North American who, after having attended undergraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, returned to my home state of Maine to pursue a career in the computer sciences. Having established myself as a software engineer/programmer/designer (don't get me started on the inaccuracies of those terms) in Portland I found myself in front of a computer for periods longer than perhaps even I desired and therefore, to pass the time and also to provide breaks from the monotony of ones-and-zeros, ones-and-zeros (there are a lot of them) I started a blog, which you apparently find yourself at now.

At that time in August of 2001 I had been (also to pass the time) reading sites such as Tony Pierce's Busblog and Jaime Boud's The Known Universe. Writing as an outlet was always attractive to me but diaries and journals are for the birds and all previous literary endeavours of mine involved schemes of publication (there is more limelight in the external than there is in the dark shadows of one's own mind). Having discovered what could be done with blogs (and also, admittedly, being too lazy to acquire a domain name or set up a website) I signed up with Blogger, a free blogging service that has since been acquired by those Don't Be Evil-doers Google. Perhaps you've heard of them?

It's been a number of years now, and the blog continues on. It's had it's ups and downs but chugs nonetheless. In the time it has existed I have purchased my first car, gone over the deep end and acquired motorcycling as a hobby, fallen in love, returned to Montreal for graduate studies, hatched crazy ideas of sailboating around the world and law school, and have even redesigned a few times.

Does that cover it? Probably not. There is always something more, so feel free to forward on any questions on the off chance you get the fancy. My email address is britishcoal at gmail dot com (where, of course, you replace the 'at' with an '@' and the 'dot' with an actual, real '.').