Nurudeen Abiodun Lameed

I completed a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science under the supervision of Professor Laurie Hendren of the School of Computer Science, McGill University, Canada. Before joining McGill, I obtained a Master's degree in Computer Science from Concordia University, Canada. While at Concordia, as a member of the Erasmus team, I worked on an implementation of concurrency in a compiler for Erasmus, a process-based language. At McGill, I was a member of the McLab project team. I worked on McVM and its JIT compiler, McJIT.

My research work was on efficient just-in-time compilation of MATLAB-like languages using the LLVM compiler framework . I developed techniques and tools in LLVM for an efficient implementation of the MATLAB language.

I have relocated to the United States. I work at Intel Corporation.

Past Projects:

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