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This presentation was for the 4th Workshop on Compiler-Driven Performance given at the IBM CASCON 2005 conference.

Dynamic Shape and Data Structure Analysis in Java


Analysis of dynamic data structure usage is important for both program understanding and for improving the accuracy of other program analyses. Static shape analysis techniques, however, suffer from reduced accuracy in complex situations. We have designed and implemented a dynamic shape analysis system that allows one to examine and analyze how Java programs build and modify data structures. Using a complete execution trace from a profiled run of the program, we build an internal representation that mirrors the evolving runtime data structures. The resulting series of representations can then be analyzed and visualized, and we show how to use our approach to help understand how programs use data structures, the precise effect of garbage collection, and to establish limits on static techniques for shape analysis. A deep understanding of dynamic data structures is particularly important for modern, object-oriented languages that make extensive use of heap-based data structures.

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