Research in Modern Computer Games

In the world of computer science, combinatorial games (eg various 2-player board games) are reasonably well-studied. For the large software projects most people refer to as computer games (Modern Computer Games), scientific academic work has concentrated primarily on graphics, and some artificial intelligence. There are, however, many other aspects of modern computer games that are worth academic exploration.

This page is a resource list for current research in modern computer games. The focus is on academic work on computer games rather than game construction per se. Work specifically and exclusively on graphics and AI is not included. Note that some of the journals and conferences seem to concentrate on artistic or cultural studies of games; many however also consider computer science and/or mathematical approaches.

Game Organizations & Sites

Game Journals

Game Conferences

Many conferences, particularly AI conferences publish papers on computer games. Here are some conferences dedicated to games per se. Note that these links are not kept up-to-date year by year; for the current conference search for the conference name.

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