Re: [abc-dev] eclipse builder plugin

From: Eric Bodden <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 09:52:04 -0400

Thanks a lot, Wouter.

I had a quick look at your patch. To me it looks pretty much ok, I am
not very concerned about it. As you say, changes to exception handling
would be an improvement, so I don't see why we should have something
against such changes.

There are two issues, though:

1.) (minor) The code you have contains a lot of @Override annotations
which made my eclipse compiler complain: It does not accept such
annotations in places where a method merely implements an interface
method and does not actually override another implementation. I had to
remove 30 or so annotations to make the patched code compile. I wonder
if something is wrong with either your or my compiler settings. Which
version of eclipse are you using?

2.) (rather critical) As I think I said earlier, there are multiple
versions of CompileSequence and actually there's an entire new version
of abc's frontend, all of which are not part of the "abc" folder.
Therefore whatever changes you make to abc, you should also make these
changes to abc.ja, which is abc's JastAdd-based frontend in the folder
abc-ja. Also, you should update at least the CompileSequences (and
whatever else needs to be updated) in abc.ja and the other packages
abc.ja.{eaj,da,om,tm}, contained in the folder abc-ja-exts.

Then you should make sure that all of these extensions work. You can
do so by modifying the abcTests.xml file in such a way that you
replace mentioning of a package "abc.X" by "abc.ja.X". Note, though,
that for "abc.ja.X" some more test cases will break in general (the
implementation is to my best knowledge still not 100% complete).
Therefore you should first run the modified abcTests.xml with the
original versions of abc/abc-ja/abc-exts to establish a baseline and
then you should compare to your patched versions.

Hope that helps.


2008/8/18 Wouter De Borger <>:
> Hi,
> I've placed the pre-0.1 version of my plugin online
> it is on
> The patch for ABC is quite large and intrusive,
> (it's the larges part of the plugin)
> I've reformatted the code by accident, so parts of the patch look rather
> messy.
> If that really bothers you, I'll clean it up.
> I hope for some comments.
> Highlights are:
> - exception handling has been moved (it should work more or less as before,
> but there are more explicit exceptions, which I consider cleaner, if this is
> NOK, it can be changed)
> - there is a monitoring facility based on stages (this is rather ad-hoc,
> comments are welcome)
> - logging and timing are centralized into the StdMonitor
> - createErrorqueue has been removed, addMonitor is now the way to go
> - the progresbar is powered by a rough profile of the compiler stages
> Wouter

Eric Bodden
Sable Research Group
McGill University, Montréal, Canada
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