Re: [abc-dev] abc re-implementation using JastAdd

From: Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro <>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 10:16:36 +0100

Hi Juian,

Do you have any news about the access to the svn repository?


Julian Tibble wrote:
> Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro wrote:
>> We are working on the reimplementation of our language AWED. We heard
>> that the abc team was working on a reimplementation of abc using
>> JastAdd. We are interested in reusing such implementation.
> Hi Luis,
> Yes, that's right. Our reimplementation of abc is currently
> feature-complete and compiles many AspectJ programs, but there are
> still a number of bugs to fix. We are are planning to release it soon,
> and certainly before the AOSD conference.
> If you would like to begin building on the new Jastadd-based abc
> straight away, then we are willing to provide you with access to our
> software repositories so that you can track the latest development
> version.
> Our repositories are in the process of being converted to SVN. If all
> goes according to plan, we would be able to provide you with access by
> Monday evening.
> Julian and Torbjorn
> on behalf of the abc team
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