Re: [abc-dev] abc re-implementation using JastAdd

From: Pavel Avgustinov <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 15:24:29 +0000

Hi Daniel,

Sorry about the slight delay. Indeed we have now completed the migration, and
the latest version of abc can be built from svn.

To do this, please run

        svn co

This will get the sources of abc, the abc-ja extension (this is the JastAdd
frontend) and all dependent libraries. To compile abc itself, copy
abc/ant.settings.template to abc/ant.settings and run 'ant'. To compile the
JastAdd frontend, copy abc-ja/ant.settings.template to abc-ja/ant.settings
and run 'ant'.

Some sample extensions to the JastAdd frontend are also included in the
abc-ja-exts folder.

We'd like to apologise for the current lack of documentation on writing
extensions. The new frontend is feature-complete, but we're still actively
working on it; we intend to release a new version of abc (including abc-ja)
before the AOSD conference this year.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

- Pavel

On Friday 01 February 2008 09:16:36 Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro wrote:
> Hi Juian,
> Do you have any news about the access to the svn repository?
> Daniel
> Julian Tibble wrote:
> > Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro wrote:
> >> We are working on the reimplementation of our language AWED. We heard
> >> that the abc team was working on a reimplementation of abc using
> >> JastAdd. We are interested in reusing such implementation.
> >
> > Hi Luis,
> >
> > Yes, that's right. Our reimplementation of abc is currently
> > feature-complete and compiles many AspectJ programs, but there are
> > still a number of bugs to fix. We are are planning to release it soon,
> > and certainly before the AOSD conference.
> >
> > If you would like to begin building on the new Jastadd-based abc
> > straight away, then we are willing to provide you with access to our
> > software repositories so that you can track the latest development
> > version.
> >
> > Our repositories are in the process of being converted to SVN. If all
> > goes according to plan, we would be able to provide you with access by
> > Monday evening.
> >
> >
> > Julian and Torbjorn
> > on behalf of the abc team
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