[abc-users] Abc and Ant

From: Venkat Chakravarthy <vchakra@cs.utah.edu>
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 06:11:31 BST


I am trying to use the abc compiler instead of the AspectJ
compiler. My project is being built using Ant. I have not
been able to find sufficient documentation on this topic in
abc website and mailing lists.

I understand that I have to use the abc-for-ajc-ant.jar file
for this. I want some clarifications regarding getting
this to work.

In the build.xml file for Ant, AspectJ requires the taskdef task
with the resource attribute pointing to the Java property file
This file included in the aspectjtools.jar file.

1) Do I have to change the resource attribute to be something else
   for abc?

2) Am I right in replacing the aspectjtools.jar file with the
   abc-for-ajc-ant.jar file?

3) Finally in the iajc task, does the classpath attribute need to
   point to the location of the abc-runtime.jar file OR the
   abc-complete.jar file?

I have attached sample code from my build.xml file.
   <pathelement location = "${poa.libdir}/lib/abc-for-ajc-ant.jar"/>

<target name="compile">
 <echo message="Compiling Java and AspectJ files"/>
   <mkdir dir="${poa.bindir}"/>

   <ajc destdir="${poa.bindir}"

   <patternset refid="sources"/>

       <pathelement location="${poa.libdir}/lib/abc-runtime.jar"/>
       <pathelement location="${poa.libdir}/lib/abc-complete.jar"/>

This is the error I am getting when I run Ant.

$ant -buildfile abcbuild.xml
Buildfile: abcbuild.xml
    [echo] Locating ABC Compiler

taskdef class abc.main.AntTask cannot be found


I will be grateful for help in this matter.

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