Re: [abc-users] Abc and Ant

From: Pavel Avgustinov <>
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 11:51:08 BST


It's true the documentation for this is a bit sketchy -- apologies.

>In the build.xml file for Ant, AspectJ requires the taskdef task
>with the resource attribute pointing to the Java property file
>This file included in the aspectjtools.jar file.
>1) Do I have to change the resource attribute to be something else
> for abc?
No, as long as you use abc-for-ajc-ant.jar instead of aspectjtools.jar,
the resource can remain the same.

>2) Am I right in replacing the aspectjtools.jar file with the
> abc-for-ajc-ant.jar file?
Yes. This file (and, particularly, in the
jar) is what associates the <ajc> and <iajc> tasks with abc rather than
the appropriate ajc classes.

>3) Finally in the iajc task, does the classpath attribute need to
> point to the location of the abc-runtime.jar file OR the
> abc-complete.jar file?
Looking at the examples we have locally (where the Ant task works),
abc-runtime.jar should be in the classpath for the ajc/iajc task, while
abc-complete.jar doesn't need to be. It also seems to be the case that
abc-for-ajc-ant.jar is included in the classpaths of the (i)ajc tasks,
though I can't comment on whether that is essential.

The error you're getting suggests that ant can't find an abc jar on the
classpath when it's involved. Try adding abc-complete.jar to the
beginning of your CLASSPATH before invoking ant -- with such a setup,
the ant task works for me.

Please let us know the result.

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