RE: [abc-users] Using abc for instrumentation

From: Eric Bodden <>
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 01:48:12 BST

Hi, Young.

> I'd like to know if abc is an appropriate tool for these
> purpose and if so, could someone please advice me of how to
> get started?

This really depends on the kind of instrumentation you want. Probably it
would even be enough to write a simple aspect to retrieve the
information you want.

If not, generally I can certainly say "yes", abc is a good tool to
achive those kind of things. The only question is if it is not a little
overkill to do so. There might be easier ways, e.g. using Soot (which
abc is built on top of).

I would say that it does only make sense to use abc if you have a
special purpose input language, e.g. a language that defines your
instrumentation. An example of this is J-LO
(, which is built on top of abc.

If you have rather a *fixed* kind of instrumentation that you want to
apply different programs, then you might be better off with Soot, which
allows you to instrument programs using a BodyTransformer. (see the two
"profiling" tutorials on

So what kind of information do you want to retrieve? Is it static or
dynamic? Is it AspectJ specific or can it be inferred from Java

Hope that helps,


Eric Bodden
Sable Research Group, McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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