Re: [abc-users] Polyglot error in abc-1.*

From: Venkat Chakravarthy <>
Date: Mon Apr 23 2007 - 10:42:50 BST

Eric> This is the only location where an object of type Enum (ID extends
Eric> Enum) is created with that name. Now *usually* this should only occur
Eric> exactly once, because it's a final static variable. The only scenario
Eric> I could at all think of where this code could be executed multiple
Eric> times is if multiple class loaders load the same class twice.
Eric> Does that raise ring bells on your side? I am not sure, but I guess
Eric> it's some rather subtle build issue...

Finally solved it. You guessed correctly, it did turn out to be build
issue after all!

I have Soot installed in my system and had the system CLASSPATH entry
point to the polyglot jar.

It seems there is a conflict when I set the iajc task classpath entry to
point to the location of abc-runtime.jar in my build.xml file and the
presence of polyglot.jar in the system CLASSPATH. I think the
abc-runtime and polyglot jars have a dependency and cannot exist
simultaneously in the build scenario above.

Removing the polyglot entry from the system CLASSPATH solved the

Thanks for your help!


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