Re: [abc-users] Determine a basic block

From: Thomas Pawlitzki <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 11:39:39 +0200

Hello Eric,

2008/4/21, Eric Bodden <>:
> This is why you get the behaviour you are seeing right now. A
> StmtShadowMatch is a represents a shadow for a *single* statement.
> Therefore you should not subclass StmtShadowMatch but rather
> ShadowMatch.

OK, i changed it (and everything which depends on it)

> > The stmt of my BlockShadowMatch ist the beginning of
> > my "source-code"-block. Additional to this stmt my ShadowMatch
> > includes a second statement being the end statement of the
> > "source-code"-block. When i got it right i have to provide an own
> > Weaver and overrride the Weaver.inlineConstructors() method in order
> > to instantiate my own ShadowPointsSetter.
> >
> > I copy a lot of code from the original ShadowPointsSetter into my own
> > an add a simple routine which handles my BlockShadowMatches.
> Yes to me this sounds like the correct way to do it.

And it works!
Here is the output of my compiled example:

before the block

        before - TESTING - block(ClassNotFoundException aspectjtest.Test.(Test))
1. stmt in block
2. stmt in block
        after - TESTING - block(ClassNotFoundException aspectjtest.Test.(Test))

after the block

Now I can go on the the next thing. Perhaps you can give me a hint here, too.
I want to add arguments to the block so that i can capture these
arguments in my joinpoint.
Analogue to call/execution pointcut i want to use the arguments of the
block in the advice.

How can I do this?
I have seen that my ShadowMatch has the method getArgsContextValues().
But different from the MethodCallShadowMatch I have no invoke
statement, where i can get the args from. I have the info about the
args in my frontend and can pass them into the ShadowMatch in a Tag
(similar i do it with the start and end of block) but how do i create
the List of Immediate?

Thanks for your help.

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