Re: [abc-users] capturing aspects

From: Amjad Nusayr <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 15:27:34 -0600

Eric, could you please tell notify me when the addParameterToMethod(..)
is fixed, and yes, since my last problem Julian informed me to enable
the -debug doValidate.

Thanks again

Eric Bodden wrote:
>> The block pointcut is my own creation that represents a basic block.
>> I tested the program using just the execution pointcut, and everything went
>> well.
> Oh, I kind of missed that you were using an extended version of abc.
> Anyway, it seems like the method addParameterToMethod(...) requires
> that the first statement of any non-static method is an identity
> statement of the form "v = @this;". I think we decided that this is a
> too strong requirement: We said that *if* there is an identity
> statement *then* it must be the first statement but it is legal to
> have no identity statement at all.
> So I guess there is two things that need to be done here: Firstly
> somebody of us should fix addParameterToMethod(...) accordingly.
> Julian or Pavel, could you look into this? I am on a conference right
> now and have no access to appropriate tools.
> Secondly, Amjad you should make sure that you actually generate
> correct woven code. You can check a JimpleBody by calling validate()
> on that body. If you enable the "-debug doValidate" option then abc
> should do this automatically for you.
> Eric
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