[abc-users] abc [HEAD] - Java1.5 fetaures

From: Thomas Pawlitzki <mailinglist_at_pawlitzki.name>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 09:30:36 +0100


i am evaluating the new HEAD version of the abc for an upcoming project.

Therefore i try to compile JHotDraw (7.0.9) with the abc. But i
recieve a bunch of compiler errors which blame on Java5 features in
the JHotDraw code.

Illegal character "@"
        @Override public void mousePressed(MouseEvent evt) {

It seems as if the abc is only 1.4 compatible.

Is this right?
Is there a possibility to get the abc ready for 1.5?

In the abc -help I found

Language Options:
   -nested-comments Allow nested comments.
   -ext <package name> Load a language extension.
   -1.3 Java 1.3 compliance mode.
   -1.4 Java 1.4 compliance mode.
   -abc101runtime abc 1.0.1 runtime compliance mode.

But there is nothing for 1.5 compliance.

With the checkout from svn i recieved also the Project

Is this project the key for 1.5 compilance?

Thank you in advance

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