Re: [abc-users] Re: compiler error when compiling berkeley DB

From: Thomas Pawlitzki <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 14:49:56 +0100


i found the time to try the compilation of berkeley DB 2.1.30 again.

I tried with the abc extension abc.ja but i receive the following error:

[java] abc started on Wed Mar 19 13:44:34 GMT 2008
     [java] Exception in thread "main"
polyglot.util.InternalCompilerError: unhandled exception during
     [java] at abc.main.CompileSequence.runSequence(
     [java] at
     [java] at abc.main.Main.main(
     [java] Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Attempting to add
method void <clinit>() to class$1Anonymous0, but the class already has a
method with that signature.
     [java] at soot.SootClass.addMethod(
     [java] at abc.ja.jrag.TypeDecl.jimplify2(
     [java] at abc.ja.jrag.TypeDecl.jimplify2(
     [java] at abc.ja.jrag.ASTNode.jimplify2(
     [java] at abc.ja.jrag.ASTNode.jimplify2(
     [java] at abc.ja.jrag.Program.jimplify2(
     [java] at abc.ja.CompileSequence.compile(
     [java] at abc.main.CompileSequence.runSequence(
     [java] ... 2 more
     [java] Java Result: 1

Does this tell you anything? Can you explain, why this error is thrown?

For me it seems as if there are some problems with anonymous inner classes.

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