Re: [abc-users] Re: compiler error when compiling berkeley DB

From: Pavel Avgustinov <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 10:03:41 +0000

Thomas Pawlitzki wrote:
> So it seems as if soot works not correct at this point.
> Also the compilation of Berkeley 2.0.90 run in the same
> NullPointerException abc runs into. So again it seems as if soot is
> the cause of the error.
Once more, I think this is a Polyglot bug that manifests itself in both
abc and Soot, since both use Polyglot to parse Java source.

> I checked the soot homepage and noticed that there is a newer Version
> of soot as it is included in abc (abc = 2.2.3, soot-latest = 2.2.4)
> Perhaps a change to the latest version will fix some errors. (But
> perhaps this switch is not so simple).
> The same applies to polyglot. In abc the version 1.3.0 is included.
> The latest 1.x.x version is 1.3.5. But there is also 2.3.0 available.
> (For this version also a Java5 extension is available)
> Is it possible to update to a newer version of soot and/or polyglot with ease?

It's easy to change to a new version of soot -- in fact, if you track
abc HEAD, then in the libs/ folder you'll have a nightly-built

Changing to a new version of Polyglot is not that simple, as essentially
all of the abc frontend depends on Polyglot, and so each upgrade is
connected with extensive testing and fixing. Going to 1.3.5 might be
possible with a few days' work on our part, but we looked at 2.* and
decided it was not worth the effort of porting abc to it (in fact,
that's when we started the alternative frontend).

I'd suggest checking whether Polyglot 1.3.5 has fixed the bugs you are
seeing -- my guess would be that it hasn't.

> But when i run abc with the extension abc.ja i receive the following error:
> [java] The import abc.ja.parse.JavaParser cannot be resolved
> [java] Terminals cannot be resolved
> [...]
> Did I forget something?
> I looked into the abc-ja.jar and I found the indicated class
> abc.ja.parse.JavaParser in the jar.
Hm, both these classes are generated and should be left in abc-ja.jar...
what classpath are you using? What happens if you use abc-ja/classes on
the classpath rather than abc-ja.jar?

- P
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