[abc-users] Why abc.ja.eaj Extension Never Gets the List of Passes Through 'passes()' Method Defined in Class 'ExtensionInfo'?

From: Meisam Fathi <meisam.fathi_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 16:32:36 +0330

I had was developing an extension based on abc.eaj when I decided to
switch to abc.ja.eaj. In my extension, I had some visitors, and I
overrode ExtensionInfo.passes() method so that its return value
contained my desired passes as well as the default passes. My extension
was working (almost) properly and everything was fine except the fact
that it was not able to compile Java 5 code. So I decided to switch to
abc,ja.eaj. But I realized that this extension doesn't call
ExtensionInfo.passes() method to obtain the list of passes. In abc.eaj
this method is invoked in CompileSequence class when a program is being
compiled. I'm wondering if I should write my own CompileSequence class
to make my passes being executed during compilation. The CompileSequence
class is cumbersome, esp. its compile method contains a lot of code.
Keeping the extendibility goals of abc in mind, developing a new
CompileSequence class doesn't make scene.
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