Java Intermediate Language (JIL) 1.0
David Eng
Sable Research Group
January 2002
The Java Intermediate Language (JIL) is a subset of XML and SGML. Its goal is to provide an intermediate representation of Java source code suitable for machine use. JIL benefits from the features of XML, such as extensibility and portability, while providing a common ground for software tools.
My thesis is the most comprehensive documentation available for JIL.
  • Combining Static and Dynamic Data in Code Visualization
    Sable Thesis, August 2002 [ Sable ] [ PDF ] [ PS.GZ ]

A compact version of my thesis was presented at the ACM SIGPLAN-SIGSOFT workshop on program analysis for software tools and engineering (PASTE '02). It provides a good overview of the benefits and applications of JIL and related tools.
  • Combining Static and Dynamic Data in Code Visualization
    Proceedings of PASTE '02, November 2002 [ Sable ] [ PS ] [ PPT ] [ BibTeX ]
This is an earlier version which was available as a technical report.
  • Combining Static and Dynamic Data in Code Visualization
    Sable Technical Report 2002-4, June 2002 [ Sable ] [ PDF ] [ PS ] [ PS.GZ ]
The following technical report describes the specification of JIL.
  • JIL: an Extensible Intermediate Language
    Sable Technical Report 2002-3, June 2002 [ Sable ] [ PDF ] [ PS ] [ PS.GZ ]

The following are demos which load sample classes into the online visualizers available below. Use these links if you want to try some sample interfaces, without having to generate your own JIL documents.
Online Tools
The following tools can be used to validate and visualize JIL documents from any box on the internet. Please note that client-side XML support is only available in modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla 0.9.9.
The display of DTDs is not supported in most web browsers. XML is only supported in newer versions of IE, Netscape, and Mozilla. Right click on the links and select 'save as' in order to save these documents to disk.

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