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Fw: name conflicts

Hi David.

I am forwarding your comments and my reply on the mailing-list.

>>Statement_If_Alt, Statement_For_alt, Statement_Prod
>When I first started with SableCC and caught on to the naming scheme
>I wondered why you did'nt use the above in the first palce.
>just got Jbuilder2...they use the "_" for their class names
>speaking of COBOL... it use to get beat up for having
>long names/labels/ids e.g PAY-ROLL-DEDUCTION-SSI-AMOUNT
>Laughable... until now with Y2000 and some stranger
>has to  "read" some ones undocumented code.
>With Java the class name is only used to instantiate an object.
>Most of the code is "c.method()"
>The effort to upgrade for legecy users is secretarial.
>find/replace... could write a simple tool...
>a niece class room project????

Why not "mailing list" readers projet? ;-) Any volunteer out there?

>I've never seen any kind of "automatic" scheme work
>If the developer need to "use" the Ids
>then the developer needs to name them....period....

Yes, but if the "automatic" scheme works in 80% of cases, and it then spits
out a "decorated" grammar with all the automatic names written, then you
only have to write/change 20% of names:-)))  

What do you think?