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? Ignore tokens blank;

I can't ignore blanks as I'm expecting to.  I'd think that these 2
strings would parse the same with the grammar given below, but the 
the first gives:formfile.parser.ParserException: [1,8] TString expected

	(WINDOW "System" 699 180 475 457 0 NIL 
	(WINDOW"System"699 180 475 457 0 NIL 

Here's the grammar (or rather, the relevant fragment. The rest is

	Ignored Tokens
	  form =  {regwin} l_par window [formid]:string 
                           [top]:number [left]:number [x]:number 
                           [y]:number [formtype]:number 
                           [model]:stringornil  r_par cells*;

Where can I learn more about the grammar files? 

2 other questions: 
1) why does this break w/ "blank undefined"?

	  new_line = cr | lf | cr lf;
	  blank = ' '*;
	  whitespace = (blank | new_line)*;  

2) Can I put comment lines in a grammar?

Any help would be appreciated

John Atwood