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Re: Tokens and free text


>... (I just wish there was more detail as to what the alias/points-to
analysis was doing. Not really *his* project, though.)

Oh! I yet have to publish the official version that has been approved by
McGill University. (I am getting my M.Sc. diploma on June 8th. YEAH!!!)

The Points-to analysis I have implemented is (Microsoft Research) Bjarne
Steengaard's almost linear time points-to analysis using type inference. It
turns out that the implementation of this analysis in a SableCC/Java
framework looks almost exactly like the algorithm's pseudocode.

While talking of the thesis, it reminded me of an old problem I am having. I
would like to get an HTML version of the document. The problem is that I
have written my document in Latex using "Scientific Workplace". This
software was really useful, and it spits out standard latex that can be
compiled with any latex-2e package. Its only problem is that it uses a
TCILatex macro file that (for some unknown reason) fools completely

I am not a latex guru (that's why I used a WYSIWYG latex software). So, I am
having difficulty removing the macros. Has anybody experienced a similar
problem? How can I remove the macros to get some plain latex processable by
latex2html? Is there something like a latex preprocessor (like the C
preprocessor) that writes its output to a file?