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Re: case insensitive tokens??

BTW, this use of private in library classes is a bit problematic. It
severely restricts the ability of users of the class to extend the
Yea! Isn't that great.

I'm sure if you hack away at it 
you'll end up with your own version of yacc.

Cute clever code may work for individual hackers.
SableCC gives a clean clear OO implementation.
When it comes to building and maintaining
code for a project with a life cycle of more than
one person a tool like SableCC is far superior
to what ever its perceived or actual short comings.

I have seen too many projects lost
because some programmer 
could write a better sort,
do it better in assembler,
just had to modify a tool that worked.

I'm using Sable because I want the guy
that comes after me to spend his time
learning Sable not MY code.

I want/have to, process source code
If SableCC or xyz can generate an AST
for me... that's what I want.
That it does in in a Non-Procedural way
is fine by me.

Management 101 tells us
Asking  for what you want
not how you want it
is more productive.
The world would have lost the productivity
of relational databases if every one 
insisted on hacking Oracle and DB2.

So, fine for you, fun for you.
A  bloody night mare for the poor guy has to follow.

Again, The real question is
How productive is it.